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For more than a decade, the foundation, known today as Diligent Bilingual Foundation has gone through name and activity metamorphosis. From the production and sales of detergents and related products, Diligent Multipurpose Enterprise has evolved to a foundations whose primary motive is to build a Diligent community centered around the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Today, Diligent Bilingual foundation owns and run a social home - St Anthony's Guild Diligent Home (SDH), a daycare center - Diligent Bilingual Daycare Center, a nursery/primary school - Diligent Bilingual School (DBS), a secondary/high school - Diligent Bilingual Academy (DBA), an information and technology center - Diligent Bilingual Center for Information and Technology (DiBCIT) as well as an internal transport service Diligent Transport.

We are grateful to God almighty for keeping us alive for so long and our soul motivation is to remain an channel of God's peace.

Diligent Bilingual Weekly

This weekly newsletter is sponsored by Bridging the gap foundation - a UK charity and produced by Diligent Bilingual center for information and technology. Click here to download the latest issue.

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