St. Anthony's Guild Diligent Foundation

Selfless Service to Humanity

Brief history of SAGDiF and its sectors.

Saint Anthony's Guild Diligent Foundation is a non governmental organisation founded in 1995 by Mrs Ngatchu Rose Nobea, who was looking for better ways of serving humanity through creating jobs, educating and developong young Cameroonians in various skills and abilities. SAGDiF has undergone series of evolutionand development.From Diligent Multipurpose Enterprise (DME) through Diligent Bilingual Establishments (DBE) to Diligent Bilingual Foundation (DBF) to Saint Anthony's Guild Diligent Foundation (SAGDiF). Looking down memory lane from its inceptionto now, let's, lets see how the various sectors which make up the Foundation have evolved. In 1995,it existed as Diligent Multipurpose Enterprise, whose activities were making and selling of soaps, detergents, perfumes, selling of plastic bags, soap ingredients beaverages, etc. The Proprietress' zeal to serve humanity let her to garther young Cameroonians who needed advice, directions, educations and jobs. the much younger children started living with her. This let to the birth of Diligent Home in 1997, though it was only recognised by the Social Affairs in 2009. It was later called Saint Anthony's Guild Diligent Home in (SAGDILHOM)or SDH. It has evolved over the years and it is today called Diligent Home Orphanage. DHO. In 1997, Diligent Bilingual Nursery and Primary Schools (DBS) were created and the activities of Diligent extended to education. With the growth of DBS, DME lacked proper supervision and control. This led to the closure of the activities of DME in 1999. With the busy life style of most parents, the need for the transportation of children to and from school was highly demanded. This led to the birth of Diligent Transport (DT) in 1998 with the proprietress' small Renault car as the first transport means and she as the first children's driver. The proprietress has always loved to assist people in times of need. In 2000 when a member of staff lost her husband,she took out a loan from Diligent. This gave birth to Diligent Developmental Scheme (DDS). As DBS grew, the need for a secondary school became obvious. In 2000 the Secondary school was created as Diligent Bilingual Academy (DBA). The High school became operational in 2010. In 2009, Diligent Bilingual Evening School Kumba (DiBESK) went operational to cater for people who could not attend regular day schools but still wish to develope their academic profile. This Sector closed up in 2010 due to lack of a good control structure. With the world becoming a global village, the need to develop in Information Technology became paramount to the Diligent Community. This led to the creation of Diligent Bilingual Center for Information Technology DiBCIT in 2005. Though some of its activities were suspended in 2012, (DiBCIT) is silently operating through the Head Office while proper operational structure is being put in place. Each sector of SAGDiF is directly managed semi- autonomously by a head with support of other administrators as required by the sector. They each report to the Head Office which is the supervisory sector. This is better understood from the various Organigrams of each sector. Please update the wed with the infos as about us or brief history of SAGDiF and its sectors.

By Tatefua Willi